Sting J Maui was founded in 2019 on the beautiful island of Maui in Kihei, Hawaii by professional divers Javier and Christina Cantellops. 

An island dive pro’s lifestyle can call for spending much of the time near the water and wearing beach gear all throughout the day.  It’s important to look sharp, stylish, and professional, all while being cool, comfortable, and functional.

Seeing a lack of options in men’s swimwear, and a lack of functionality in wetsuits and shorts, they decided to create a new Hawaiian brand. As a Master Scuba Dive Instructor and Freediving Instructor Javier knew exactly what he wanted in his products. So they stepped outside of the known, and set out to redesign men’s swim trunks and wetsuits with a mission to make stylish bold products with innovative design and functionality.

This is how Sting J Shorts and Wetsuits were born!

After 2 years of designs and prototypes they have done just that. Creating a one of a kind swim line that offers functionality, versatility and iconic style!

Our mission was to create the most comfortable, functional, and stylish wetsuits and shorts on the market. We want all Sting J products to represent our love for the water, passion for life, and sense of adventure. We figure if you’re going to adventure, do it in style!

Sting J Maui, A Style For The Bold.