A bold look, a slick design, it’s not just a cool drawing. The Sting J Maui logo says a lot more than you think. It stands for our love of Hawaii, our connection to the ocean, and our passion for spearfishing. Javier found inspiration for the logo in seeing a spotted eagle ray jump out of the water to escape a shark attack. An incredible moment that inspired the brand. His design takes his name, the ray, and the setting sun to create a bold and dynamic image. The ray’s tail turns into a J for Javier, while giving a nod to the famous Maui Hook. The eagle ray leaping over the name symbolizes his free spirit, and strong will to never give up. All together making our Maui Sting J more than just a logo.

We hope it inspires you to be bold, live free, and adventure the water. Feel free to send us pictures of you wearing our gear or rocking our decals, so we can see our Maui Sting J travel the globe.

Sting J Maui- A style for the bold